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33 Jefferson Street                                                  Savannah, Georgia     31401                                                                       Located in City Market
 Phone  912-447-1817  or  1-800-486-9133                   Hours: Monday-Thursday 10-6        Friday and Saturday 10-6         Sunday 12-5

        Fragrances are the specialty of our boutique.  We custom blend fragrances  for men and women using all  natural products.  We also carry home oils and glycerin creams. Our glycerin creams contain amino  acids to repair and provide nutrients for healthy skin.

      Allow us to personally assist you with your fragrance or skin care needs. Please browse our website to become familiar with our products or to reorder your favorite products. Savannah Rain is our signature scent! It is made from Lily of the Valley, Lilac, Magnolia, and a hint of Violet.


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Call toll free 1-800-486-9133 or email                                                      Sincerely,   

                                                                                Christine McMurry 



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